Bellefontaine High School - 1915 Yearbook - Alumni List

The Argus (page 83)

The Alumni Directory

To the Alumni of Bellefontaine High School:

The first edition of The Argus would be incomplete did it not contain as nearly as possible a correct and complete register of the Bellefontaine High School Alumni. To correctly compile this list of Bellefontaine High School’s sons and daughters, with their present occupations and addresses, in so far as information was obtainable to the date of issue, has been our ernest aim. The task of compiling it has been long and arduous, but, we hope, well worth our efforts. That such a list is much wanted, is our belief, and surely all will agree. Whether this belief is well founded or not, experiment only can determine. If not, as our aim has been utility only, and not fame, so our failure will only occasion regret, and not mortification.

Attention is called to the arrangement of the following Alumni Directory into alphabetical class lists, showing occupations and business or residence addresses. We have deemed such an arrangement to be more suitable, more desireable, and more in accordance with the purpose of its publication than would be a general alpabetical list.

It is most gratifying to observe of the great majority of our Alumni that

" 'Gainst their familiar names not yet

The asterick of death is set,"

And that an army of educated and enlightened men and women scattered abroad for usefulness, still live to swell the ranks of our Alumni and to reflect honor upon their beloved Alma Mater.

The Arus staff wishes hereby to acknowledge its indebtedness to all who have given the necessary information concerning themselves and others, and to respectfully suggest to its successors in The Argus room the advisability of publishing from time to time a correct and revised list of Alumni of Bellefontaine High School.

page eighty-four


Alma Durkee, Bellefontaine, Ohio


Mrs. Fannie Fuller-Bassett, Gutherie, Oklahoma

Mrs. Anna Slicer-Blessing, Bellefontaine, Ohio

Howard Stough, Professor, Atchison, Kansas


No Graduates


Mrs. Mary Stough-Holloway, Deceased

Mrs. Sally Shaw-Campbell, Lima, Ohio

Mrs. Estella Hoge-Campbell, Bellefontaine, Ohio


Mrs. Ella Emery-Wilson, Bellefontaine, Ohio


Wm. M. Boyd, Traveling Salesman, Chicago, Ill.

Mrs. Flora Brown-Sweet, Washington, D.C.

Miss Emma Byers, Deceased.

Mrs. Hattie Fowle-Allen, Kansas City, Mo.

Mrs. Mattie Fuller-Marshall, Deceased.

Mrs. Frankie Hannum-Shearer, Deceased

Mrs. Emma MacKinnon-Graham, Bellefontaine, Ohio

Mrs. Alberta Pratt-Bartram, Columbus, Ohio


Miss Anna Colton, Bellefontaine, Ohio

Mrs. Tirza McBeth-Brash, Deceased

Mrs. Mame Patterson-Cartmell, Deceased

Mrs. Laura Cheever-Stone, Toledo, Ohio

Mr. Alice Irwin-Chomley, Tacoma, Wash.


Mrs. Carrie Reed-McIlvain, Deceased

Mrs. Mame Buchanan-Wishart, Deceased.

Mrs. Anna Kerr-Arnold, Rock, Kansas

Mrs. Anna Stevenson-Kalb, Hollister, Mo.

Mrs. Lou Roberts-Sweitzer, Defiance, Ohio

Mrs. Elizabeth Byers-Armer, Bellefontaine, Ohio

Miss Elizabeth Hawley, Milliner, Columbus, Ohio


Mrs. Sallie McColloch-Moore, Chicago, Ill.

Miss Jennie Emery, Bellefontaine, Ohio

Edwin Scarff, Traveling R.R. Auditor, Bellefontaine, Ohio

Robert Boyd, Kansas City, Mo.

Chearles McKee, Traveling Salesman, Mickilinda, California


Miss Flora Cheever, Deceased

Miss Mary Eads, Florist, Bellfontaine, Ohio

Miss Clara Hannum, Deceased

Thomas Hannum, Deceased

Mrs. Mattie Herbert-Marriott, Delaware, Ohio

Mrs. Louie Kalb-Hamilton, Bellefontaine, Ohio

Miss Emma Moore, Deceased

William Rockell, Attorney, Springfield, Ohio

Miss Ida Stokes, Deceased


Miss Carrie Butler, Teacher in Public Schools, Bellefontaine, Ohio

Mrs. Belle Byers-Garwin, Deceased

Mrs. Josie Gwynn-McKee, Deceased

Mrs. Mollie Rife-Miller, Tallahassee, Fla.

Mrs. Mama Roberts-Morris, Defiance, Ohio

Rob’t P. McColloch, Attorney and Editor, Anthony, Kansas

Harry E. Palmer, Physician, Dayton, Ohio

Edward Patterson, Stock Dealer, Bellefontaine, Ohio

John E. West, Attorney, Bellefontaine, Ohio

page eighty-five


Mary Boyd, Kansas City, Mo.

Mrs. Vesta Harvey-Cassidy, Deceased

Miss Ada Hubbard, Examiner Staff, Bellefontaine, Ohio

Mrs. Lizzie Ivins-Ranney, Bellefontaine, Ohio

Mollie Jordan, Indianapolis, Ind.

Mrs. Katie Kernan-Whitworth, Deceased

Ella McIlvaine, Deceased

Mrs. Dola Miller-Smith, East Liberty, Ohio

Mrs. Clara Miltinberger-Brown, Deceased

Mrs. Laura Nichols-Coulter, Bellefontaine, Ohio

Miss Anna Macauley-Snodgrass, Kenton, Ohio


Belle Allen, Medical Missionary, India

Mrs. Fanney Carby-Miller, Detroit, Mich.

Mary Cheever, Bookkeeper, Bellefontaine, Ohio

Mrs. Sallie Emery-Patterson, Bellefontaine, Ohio

Mrs. May Kerr-Emery, Deceased

Mrs. Maggie McColloch-Hill, Brookville, Pa.

Mrs. Carrie McCormick-Rowe, Buffalo, N.Y.

Mame McElree, Bellefontaine, Ohio

Henry Miller, Deceased

Mrs. Alta Nicols-Ebling, Bellefontaine, Ohio

Frank Roberts, Farmer, Canada

Mrs. Belle Walker-McColloch, Anthony, Kansas

Mrs. Carrie Bartram-Lindsley, Pasadena, California
Mrs. Mary Beelman=Bull, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Belle Boyd, Deceased
Mrs. Mattie Byers-Fehl, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Adda Fuller Bell, Aurora, Ill.
Mrs. Sarah Jackson-Pratt, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Dora Martin-Taylor, Missionary, Siam
Miss Ida Moore, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Mattie Riddle-Lockhart, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Jennie Stough, Deceased

Mrs. Jennie Dickinson-Elliot, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Cora Miller-Kiplinger, Atlanta, Georgia
Mrs. Amanda Schemeer-Sweitzer, Bellefontaine, Ohio

Mrs. Carrie Beelman-Bell, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Lena Brand-Colton, Ft. Collins, Colo.
Mrs. Jennie Coen-Moore, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Mary Emery-Griffin, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Ed Herbert, New York City
Ben S. Johnston, Deceased
Carrie M. Stough, Deceased

Mrs. Mame Kalb-Richards, Dunkirk, N.Y.
Annie Kernan, Deceased
Grant McMillen, Grocer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
George Stevenson, Real Estate Agent, Dututh, Minn.
Mrs. Jennie Ward-Frey, Delaware, Ohio

Mrs. Maggie Cheever-Barton, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Aggie Gutherie, Deceased
Thomas A. Hubbard, Principal East School, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Luella Koons, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Annie A. Prince, Principal B.H.S., Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Maggie Watson-Ginn, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Ada Spellman, Deceased
Mrs. Clara Williams-Hutchings, Bellefontaine, Ohio

page eighty-six
Mrs. Mary Aiken-McKenzie, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Fred Campbell, Deceased
Mrs. Elizabeth Griffin-West, Cleveland, Ohio
Neppa Holliday, Teacher, Colorado
Mattie Loffborrow, Head of Private School, Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. Frankie Obenschain-Johnston, Deceased
Mrs. Laura Patterson-Meade, Columbus, Ohio
Carrie Richeson, Physician, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Etta Snay-Kelso, Los Angeles, California
Mrs. Helen Stinchcomb-Harner, Bellefontaine, Ohio

William Akey. Deceased
Ernest Chapman
Earle W. Dow, Professor in University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.
Francis M.C. Eads, Paster of M.E. Church, Strait, Florida
Lula Edna Frey, Missionary, Korea
Mrs. Mary Miller-Colton, Bellefontaine, Ohio
William W. Riddle, Attorney, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Elsie Williamson-Westerfield, Coachella, California
Mrs. Jennie Wright-Herdman, Santiago, California

Eva Byers, Court Stenographer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Jessie Dow, Richmond, Virginia
Mrs. Eva Jeffers-Cooke, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mabel Thompson, Clerk, Bellefontaine, Ohio

Thomas R. Aiken, Minister, Clearfield, Iowa
Mrs. Winnifred Clyde-Cherry, Deceased
Mrs. Jennie Howenstine-Meckel, Emporia, Kansas
George Washington Mays, Deceased
Mrs. Laura Miller-McCune, Deceased
Mrs. Effie McMillen-Anderson, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Laura Etta Skeen, Milliner, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Sizzie Smith-Smith, Richmond, Ky.
Mrs. Nellie Skeen-Kidder, Springfield, Ohio

Mrs. Etta Goodin-Royer, Oklahoma City, Okla.
Mrs. Van Dora Hamilton-Strickland, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Clara V. Jordan, Deceased
Elizabeth G. Kennedy, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Maude E. Snay, Teacher, Los Angeles, California
Edna E. Whitehill, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Ernest P. Williams, Deceased

Mrs. Lizzie Allmon-Elliot, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Leora Carter-Dotson, Columbus, Ohio
Mrs. Mae Harrington-Daily, Bellfontaine, Ohio
Jay Miller, Attorney-at-Law, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Josephine Richeson-Mill, Lima, Ohio
Charles Richey, Civil Engineer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Gale Stinchcomb, Physician, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Frank Stough, Physician and Surgeon, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Mrs Hattie Wissler-Guy, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Thomas Wright, Traveling Salesman, Zanesfield, Ohio

Mrs. Edna Batch-Eaton, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Nannie Chandler-Cassidy, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Elizabeth Defrees, Daytona Beach, Florida
Elmer R. Gebby, Coal Dealer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
James Guthrie, Deceased
Olive Horn, Teacher in State Normal School, Duluth, Minn.
Mrs. May Lemen-Stough, Pasedena, California
Anna Temperance McCracken, Bookkeeper, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Thomas L. Moore, Attorney-at-law, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Alice M. Parker
Mrs. Inez Rathmell-Pheneger, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Martha Richeson
Bertie Rife, Los Angeles, California

page eighty-seven
Mrs. Laura Dow-Gebby, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Robert L. Downs, Farmer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Mattie Harper-Gregory, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Edna Hellings-Eichman, Cambridge, Mass.
Arther McCracken, Physician, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Clarabel Miller-Baldwin, Philadelphia, Pa.
Mrs. Belle Newell-McCracken, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Edna Overhalzer-Barton, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Susie May Parker, Principal of North School, Bellefontaine, Ohio

Mabel E. Aiken, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Imogene Burt-Hodges, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Mrs. Bertha Campbell-Stinchcomb, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Joseph H. Defrees, Attorney-at-law, Warren, Pa.
Mrs. Nellie Garwood-Armstrong, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Thomas McCracken, Professor in Normal School, Greeley, Colo.
Cadmus Odor, Dentist, Washington, DC
Mrs. Daisie Richards-Ansley, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Gertrude Roach-Wissler, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Cora E. Snyder-Kennedy, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Lillian Strartzman-Dutcher, Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. Edna Stewart-Rairdon, Dayton, Ohio
Mabel Walker, Bellefontaine, Ohio

Leroy Blessing, Editorial Staff Index-Republican, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Edward K. Campbell, Attorney-at-law, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Florence Fisher-Windhurst, Marion, Ohio
Mrs. Lova Green-Volk, Lima, Ohio
Homer W. LeSourd, Professor in Private School, Milton, Mass.
Minnie Mason, Teacher in Public School, Indianapolis, Ind.
Ann Caroline Patterson, Springfield, Ohio
Mary Richeson, Deceased

Earl Finch, Deceased
George H. Gebby, Missionary, Pheonix, Arizona
Ivy Gray, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Brad Hiatt, Ass't Cashier, Peoples National Bank, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Ethel Hockett-Yoder, Watsika, Ill.
Harry Hoffman, Village Clerk, Paulding, Ohio
Mrs. Adeline Kunkle-Prall, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Iscah McCardle-Burt, Marshall, Ill.
Frank G. McCracken, Reporter on Daily Examiner, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Fred M. McLaughlin, Mail Carrier, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Effie Miller-Weade, Sidney, Ohio
Mrs. Carrie Rausenberger-Hackenburg, Cincinnati, Ohio
Mrs. Belle Wallace-Gibson, Midland, Pa.

page eighty-eight
Mrs. Ethel Abraham-Horn, Indianapolis, Ind.
Ada Florence Alexander, Deceased
Mrs. Zula Anderson-March, Crossville, Tenn.
Mrs. Mabel Bigley-Detrick, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Grace Blessing-Bennet, Van Couver, Washington
Mrs. Marie Campbell-Gwynn, Sulphur Springs, West Va.
Mrs. Isabel Christie-Myers, Springfield, Ohio
Mrs. Edna Dow Brooks, Jamestown, Pa.
Mrs. Lola Garwood-Hornberger, Decatur, Ill
Maude Hamer, Nurse, Chicago, Ill.
Harry G. Hare, Deceased
Mrs. Leigh Jo Hantgen-Blessing, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Jessie M. McAra, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Harry C. McGee, Deceased
Harry C. McLaughlin, Traveling Salesman, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Lee Miller-Lentz, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Simon Morgenroth, Physician, Akron, Ohio
Daniel L. Patterson, Pharmacist, Springfield, Ohio
Mrs. Myrtle Salisbury-Hoge, Chicago, Ill.
Frank Shuffelton, Physician, St. Marys, Ohio
Luther B. Stough, Deputy Post Master, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Legusta Wilson-Campbell, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Paul Zimmerman, Book Dealer, Piqua, Ohio

Mrs. Ellen Barker-Pool, Saginaw, Mich.
Harold F. Campbell, Storekeeper, New Weston, Ohio
Mrs. Ethel Chamberlain-Makemson, Degraff, Ohio
Mrs. Mary Cost-Hall, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Bess Coulter-Kerr, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Burton S. Defrees, Connected with Steel Firm, Nashua, N.H.
Paul T. Defrees, Lumber Business, Warren, Pa.
Mrs. Florence S. Dodds, Government Clerk, Wahington, D.C.
Homer G. Hamer, Physician, Indianapolis, Ind.
Mrs. Daisy Herin-Stough, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Ola Kautzman-Work, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Mrs. Gertrude Ohns-Seitz, Lima, Ohio
Mrs. Viola Park-McLean, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Miss Pearl M. Richards, Teacher in Public Schools, Cedar Falls, Iowa
Harry Startzman, Medical College, Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. Jessie Stevenson-Millner, Burlington, Iowa
Mrs. Laura Stotts-Finch, Deceased
Emery J. Wilson, Drafting Engineer, Cleveland, Ohio

Glen B. Bramble, Book Dealer, San Francisco, California
Sutton R. Buchanan, Electrical Business, Lima, Ohio
Jennie Christie, Clerk, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Mattie Dickinson-McChesney, Loveland, Ohio
Irene Belle Hoffman, Deceased.
Leister JoHantgen, Carriage Dealer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Herman B. Keller, School of Music, Springfield, Ohio
J. Clarence Longfellow, Dentist, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Myrtle McCracken-Carpenter, Norwalk, Ohio
Mrs. Florence McLaughlin-Tremain, Columbus, Ohio
Mrs. Florence Roebuck-Slater, Cleveland, Ohio
Mrs. Marie Van Meter-Loftus, Chandler, Arizona
William G. Wallace, Dentist, Moose Jaw, Canada
Marion P. G. Ziegler, Los Angeles, California

Mrs. Josie Campbell-Turner, Lima, Ohio
Will Chandler, Mechanical Engineer, Cleveland, Ohio
Mrs. Faye Coleman-Thomas, Galion, Ohio
Mrs. Mae Defrees-Southard, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Georgia Hamer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mabel Hively
Mrs. Daisy Knight-Kennedy, Lakeview, Ohio
Roy Lane, Tinner, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Orris Laughlin, Silver City, Montana
Lena Leedom, Teacher in Public Schools, Columbus, Ohio
Charles McCracken, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
Mrs. Bessie Miller-Riggs, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Frances Morgenroth-Polsky, Akron, Ohio
Mrs. Dora Rausenberger-Kuert, Los Angeles, California
Grace Short, Deceased
Earle S. Shuffelton, Teacher in High School, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Gertrude Swearingen-English, Los Angeles, California
Mrs. Hattie Wanzer-Bales, Cincinnati, Ohio

Mrs. May Atha-Elliot, Oberlin, Ohio
Robert Hiram Butler, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Lena Colton-JoHantgen, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Homer H. Cook, Mail Carrier, Huntsville, Ohio
Mrs. Florence Curl-Longfellow, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Georgia Frey-LeSourd, Milton, Mass.
Joseph Newton Garwood, Connected with Cash Register, Dayton, Ohio
Mrs. Lois Garwood-Must, Dayton, Ohio
Mrs. Carrie Moots-Stieg, Memphis, Tenn.
Mrs. Susie Salisbury-Southard, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Gerald Kerr Smith, General Secretary Y.M.C.A., Vincennes, Ind.
Mrs. Agnes Southard-Miles, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Burton Singley Wellman, Attorney-at-Law, Columbus, Ohio
Paul M. Downs, Machinist, Van Wert, Ohio
Anna Belle Lloyd, Stenographer, Detroit, Mich.
Mrs. Elizabeth Netzorg-Marz, Detroit, Mich.
Mrs. Harriet Campbell-Crawford, Charleston, West Va.

page eighty-nine
Lee Badger, Dairyman, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Samuel R. Costin, Carriage Maker, Cleveland, Ohio
William P. English, Deceased
Wilber C. Pearce, Bookkeeper, Colorado Springs, Colo.
James W. Polley, Contractor, Bellefontaine, Ohio
George N. Short, Colorado Portland Cement Co., Denver, Colo.
Claude K. Southard, Draftsman in Bellefontaine Bridge Works, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Lewis F. Yoder, Secretary Farmers's Equity Co., Nampa, Idaho
Harriett Eliza Baker, Zanesfield, Ohio
Edith Elinor Black, Stenographer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Lucy Gertrude Hoffman, Dentist, Johnstown, Pa.
Mrs. Florence Knight-Schuyler, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Edith Eugema Lamb, Teacher in Public Schools, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Sadie Elizabeth Mays, Teacher, Grafton, West Va.
Mrs. Edith McLaughlin-Haines, Columbus, Ohio
Eva Dell Bugh, Deceased
Mrs. Mabel Segar-Richeson, Indianapolis, Ind.
Mrs. Marie Simpson-Crawford, St. Louis, Mo.
Mrs. Edna Starrett-Morgan, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Marie Ann Weilbrenner, Teacher in Public Schools, Akron, Ohio

Lynn Bartholomew, Fruit Grower, Garrochales, Porto Rico.
Tracy Bartholomew, Fruit Grower, Garrochales, Porto Rico.
Grier Coleman, Stencil Cutter, Coshocton, Ohio
Maybell Craver, Teacher in Public Schools, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Robert Coulter, Physician, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Lucille Dunn-Trawick, Atlanta, Georgia
Mrs. Ethel Faucett-Barker, Lima, Ohio
Mrs. Clair Foos-Hoover, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Clair Inskeep, City Engineer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Prima Mae McMillen, Teacher in Public Schools, Kansas City, Mo.
Abraham Morgenroth, Clerk, Akron, Ohio
Lester L. Pratt, Physician in U.S. Navy, Philadelphia, Pa.
Robert Pratt, Physician, Philadelphia, Pa.
Mary Purcell, Sister of Mercy, Cincinnati, Ohio
Mrs. Florence Rea-Anderson, Columbus, Ohio
Mrs. Inez Richeson-Hill, Teacher in Public Schools, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Ethel Sandoe Casey, Canton, Ohio
Frank Shepherd, Postal Clerk, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Florence Sherman-Neske, Paris, Ill.
Mrs. Frances Worrell-Wood, Bellefontaine, Ohio

Kenneth Abraham, Wholesale Business, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Roy Brooks, Deceased
Alfred Butler, Clerk, Akron, Ohio
Cleo Covington, Deceased.
Frances Dean, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Harold Emerson, Attorney-at-Law, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Annie Hamer, Clerk, Dayton, Ohio
Mrs. Bonnie Hershey-Startzman, Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. Mary Holloway-Steel, West Mansfield, Ohio
Iva Hoover, Stenographer, Chicago, Ill.
Ernest Hoover, Grocer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
John D. Inskeep, Secretary Building and Loan Co., Bellefontaine, Ohio
Hiram King, Surveyor, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Olive Leedom-Wilson, Columbus, Ohio
Edward Knight, Civil Engineer, Coraopolis, Pa.
Myron LeSourd, Lumber Dealer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Charles McLaughlin, Insurance Inspector, Little Rock, Ark.
Mrs. Edna Oder-Gwynn, West Mansfield, Ohio
Carrie Miller, Teacher in High School, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Florence Overhalser, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Maude Ranney-Garwood, Lima, Ohio
Abel Rea, Ceramical Engineer, Columbus, Ohio
LeRoy Sargent, Attorney-at-Law, Minneapolis, Minn.
Ralph Smith, Stenographer, Philadelphia, Pa.
Othel Sullivan, Clerk, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Lawrence Swan, University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. Lois Thomas-Lowry, Missionary, Korea.
Wm. Fullington West, Teacher in High School, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Johnson E. West, Attorney-at-Law, Wooster, Ohio
Leah Yates, Teacher in Public Schools, Bellefontaine, Ohio

page ninety
Mrs. Effie Aller-Whitman, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Helen Bissel-Stairwalt, Springfield, Ohio
Miss Hortense Bourion, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Kate Bradfute, Teacher in Public Schools, Columbus, Ohio
Mrs. Jean Buchanan-Highland, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Iva Butler, New York City
Mrs. Sarah Hall-Spain, Akron, Ohio
Mrs. Hazel Hare-Underwood, Cleveland, Ohio
Mrs. Ida Hill-McCreary, Pittsburg, Pa.
Mary Jenkinson, Stenographer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Florence Kerr-LeSourd, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Grace Kinsinger-Orr, Columbus, Ohio
Mrs. Nellie McMillen-Wren, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Marie McLaughlin-Smucker, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Gertrude McLaughlin-Hockett, Columbus, Ohio
Mrs. Bertha Milner-Wheeler, Dayton, Ohio
Ella Moesinger, Teacher in Public Schools, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Lulu Morgan, Teacher of Public Schools, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Lucia Park, Bookkeeper, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Elsie Patterson-Shroufe, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Leona Rausenbarger-Rairdon, Toledo, Ohio
Roberta Stewart, Deceased
Mrs. Faun Sutton-Doheny, West Philadelphia, Pa.
Edwin Badger, Dairyman, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Starley Beesely, Car Inspector, Coffeyville, Kansas
Glen Calland, Electrical Engineer, Barberton, Ohio
Maurice Carter, Bookkeeper, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Marion Detrick, Farmer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Don Detrick, Deputy Probate Judge, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Stanley Emerson, Deceased.
Gail Hamer, Representative of Lehigh Portland Cement Co., Columbus, Ohio
Paul Kemper, Private Secretary of City Director, Columbus, Ohio
Kinney Miller, Jeweler, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mentor Rowland, Berea College, Berea, Ohio
Merlin Smith, Electrical Power Salesman, Orange, N.J.
Claude Tanger, Farmer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Ira Van Hise, Principal of Urbana School, Urbana, Ohio
Roy Wood, Farmer, East Liberty, Ohio
Robert Zoz, Clerk Big Four Shops, Bellefontaine, Ohio

Bertha Albaugh, Instructor in Music, West Milton, Ohio
Ella Badger, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Lura Batch, Bookkeeper, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Edith Carney-Culp, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Laurence Carter, Bookkeeper, Indianpolis, Ind.
Rossell Cook, Civil Engineer, Savannah, Georgia
Winnifred Gregg, Nurse, Dayton, Ohio
Harold Hamilton, Lumber Dealer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Paul Harner, Dentist, Coshocton, Ohio
Mrs. Harriett Hoffman-Outram, Urbana, Ohio
Hazel Hoover, Nurse, Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. Ethel Huffer-McLaughlin, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Inez Johnson, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Lewis Kalb, Mechanical Engineer, Buffalo, N.Y.
Marie Kerr, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Abram King, Coal Dealer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Loretta Kindall-Wilgus, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Helen McKinnon-Naugle, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Parker McLaughlin, Window Trimmer in Wissler Store, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Mary Patten-Sweitzer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Emery Patterson, Bounding Company, Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. Mary Pratt-Spittle, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Mary Pugh-Richards, Spokane, Wash.
Robert Rea, Mail Carrier, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Cordelia Van Hise, Bookkeeper, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Lloyd Vassar, Freight House Clerk, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Clara West-Rogers, Wheeling, West Va.
The Rev. Samuel West, Powell, Wyo.
Howard Worrell, Draftsman, Rochester, Pa.
Martin Yure, Farmer, Rushsylvania, Ohio

page ninety-one
Mrs. Helen Aiken-Sowers, Douglas, Arizona
Mrs. Frances Alexander-Plum, Atlantic City, N.J.
Mrs. Ethel Archer-Walker, Birmingham, Alabama
Mrs. Myrtle Ault-Whitehill, Indianapolis, Ind.
Mrs. Eva Bergschicker-Van Gorder, Portland, Oregon
Mary Bissell, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Isabella Bull, Teacher in High School, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Helen Cox-Sharp, Berea, Ohio
Mrs. Mabel Cruikshank-Bunn, Waterloo, Iowa
Mrs. Henrietta Dickey-Foreman, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Martha Dickinson-Miller, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Alice Elliot-Detrick, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Gertrude Fawcett-Carter, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Grace Hawthorne, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
Mary Docey Herd, Teacher in Public School, East Liberty, Ohio
Mrs. Charlotte Herskovits-Levy, Akron, Ohio
Mrs. Mabel Horn-Kinnan, Cleveland, Ohio
Mrs. Helen McLaughlin-Bolich, Cleveland, Ohio
Mrs. Margaret McMillen-Hilliker, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Grace Miller, Teacher in Public Schools, Ansonia, Ohio
Clara Moesinger, Cashier, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Lois Outland-Skidmore, West Mansfield, Ohio
Mrs. Mary Lena Rea-Brabson, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Nina Roberts-Hull, Urbana, Ohio
Mrs. Lois Skidmore-Howard, West Liberty, Ohio
Ethel Snyder, Nurse, Grant Hospital, Columbus, Ohio
Edna Culp, Deceased
Stacy Belser, Machinist, Indianapolis, Ind.
Thomas Cook, Machinist, Indianapolis, Ind.
William Cushman, Wisconsin Telephone Co., Milwaukee, Wis.
Herbert Detrick, Physician, Union City, Ind.
George Alfred Gregg, Shipping Clerk, Columbus, Ohio
Frank Johnson, Prosecuting Attorney, Xenia, Ohio
Roscoe Warren Jones, Accountant, Philadelphia, Pa.
Chester Keller, Case School, Cleveland, Ohio
Donald Miller, Physician, Indianapolis, Ind.
Harry Moots, Merchant, Canton, Ohio
Robert Pearce, Accountant, New York City
Charles Lavon Pittman, Shoe Dealer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Richard Sterling, Electrical Engineer, Cleveland, Ohio

Mrs. Rhoda Adriance-Hitch, Hobson, Montana
Mrs. Nellie Bayer-Segar, Lima, Ohio
Mrs. Mildred Carter-Yoder, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Miss Beryl David, Stenographer, Urbana, Ohio
Miss Marie Elliott, Clerk, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Miss Jessie Goff-Coleman, Coshocton, Ohio
Miss Mabel King, Teacher in Public Schools, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Miss Mararetta Lynn, Teacher in Public Schools, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Ada Marker-Shambaugh, Cincinnati, Ohio
Miss Florence McCracken, Teacher in Public Schools, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Lucille McElfresh-Hilliker, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Helen Polk-Stubbs, North Lewisburg, Ohio
Miss Grace Randall, Dayton, Ohio
Miss Harriett Smith, Teacher in Public Schools, Marion, Ohio
Miss Ava Sweitzer, Teacher in Public School, Defiance, Ohio
Herbert Butler, Dentist, Akron, Ohio
Arthur Butler, Dentist, Akron, Ohio
Knight Campbell, Farmer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Albert Doty, Detroit, Mich.
Lawrence Glasgow, Civil Engineer, Cleveland, Ohio
Herbert Hone, Civil Engineer, Columbus, Ohio
Fred Huber, Farmer, East Liberty, Ohio
Robert McMillen, Reporter, Saginaw, Mich.
John Merrilees, Standard Oil Agent, Cleves, Ohio
Donald Nelson, Goodyear Rubber Co., Boston, Mass.
Malcolm Pratt, Resident Physician, Episcopal Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa.
Ralph Ross, Y.M.C.A. Secretary, Sioux City, Iowa
Leonard Royer, Clerk for American Car and Foundry Co., Detroit, Mich.
Avery Smith, Train Dispatcher, Springfield, Ohio
Driscoll Wonders, Civil Engineer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Leigh Zerbee, Lieutenant U.S.A., Ft. Crockett, Texas.

page ninety-two
Mrs. Sylvia Adams-Kendall, Clinton, Ind.
Mrs. Charlotte Aiken-Hughes, Lima, Ohio
Emma Campbell, Bellefintaine, Ohio
Edith Carr, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Eloise Coulter-Swann, Chicago, Ill.
Hazel Dean, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Kate Eads-Katzenberger, Louisburg, Ohio
Mrs. Eva Emery-Zundenberg, Detroit, Mich.
Catherine Greenawalt, Springfield, Ohio
Lois Hawthorne, Teacher in Public Schools, New York City.
Gertrude Keller, Teacher, Thackery, Ohio
Mrs. Helen Keller-Kinnan, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Nancy Merrilees, Teacher in Public Schools, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Dottie Miller, Teacher, Thackery, Ohio
Mary Lou Mohr, Deceased
Mrs. Blanche Neel-Detrick, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Salene Pittman, Milliner, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Augusta Rhoades, Stenographer, Cleveland, Ohio
Lucile Southard, Clerk, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Helen Stokes, Clerk, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Sarah Van Meter-McKay, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Ruth Walker, Deceased
Raymond Carr, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
Louie Clingerman, Machinist, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Raymond Fisher, Manager Silver Lake Ice & Coal Co., Bellefontaine, Ohio
Quincy Garwood, Superintendent Paper Mill, West Carlton, Ohio
Ernest Grabiel, Teacher in High School, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Merril Roe Heffner, Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio
Rudolph King, Stenographer, Columbus, Ohio
Huben McAdams, Clerk, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Earle Miller, Farmer, Gretna, Ohio
Elmer Miller, Muskingum College, New Concord, Ohio
Fred Neel, Pharmacist, Columbus, Ohio
Wilfred Pengelly, Dubois, Pa.
Harold Robb, Robb Shoe Polish Co., Bellefontaine, Ohio
Paul Starr, Electric Illuminating Co., Cleveland, Ohio
Claude Stayer, Farmer, Chillicothe, Ohio
Collin Wallace, Principal High School, Fowler, Ind.
Donald Wonders, Bexley Seminary, Gambier, Ohio

Mrs. Kizzie Bewley-Horn, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Florence Body, Teacher in Public Schools, Marietta, Ohio
Mrs. Ruth Clegg-Dockstetter, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Ethel Lee Detrick, O.S.U. Columbus, Ohio
Mary Downey, Teacher, Georgetown, Nebraska
Mrs. Ella Eichmeyer-Meyers, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Moselle Emerson-Butler, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mary Frazer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Flora M. Green-Rogers, Lewistown, Ohio
Helen Hover, Physical Culture Student, New Haven Conn.
Zora huffer, Artist, Springfield, Ohio
Mrs. Rachel Kouffman-Price, Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. Edith McCoy-Littlejohn, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Hattie Park-Rich, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Mattie Stevenson-Allen, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Florence Filton-Sours, West Liberty, Ohio
Blance Vanica, Stenographer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Jessie Yates-Deem, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Paul Bissel, Farmer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Horace Butler, Dental College, Cincinnati, Ohio
Harry Carter, Manager Supply Department, Big Four, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Gerard Cowman, Kansas City Construction Co., Kansas City, Mo.
Marion Cretcher, Clerk, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Jay G. Detrick, Teacher, Cheyenne Falls, Colo.
Ben S. Ellit, Traveling Salesman, Ridgeway, Ohio
George Estell, Poultry Business, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Lawrence C. Freer, Wooster University, Wooster, Ohio
Wells Ginn, Dramatic Reader, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Wm. Huston, Advertising Agent for Keller Printing Co., Chicago, Ill.
Frank Lane, Dairyman, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Edgar A. Lee, Farmer, Canada
Warren Miller, Pharmacist, Cleveland, Ohio
David Outland, Printer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Wilbur Roach, Secretary State Industrial Commission, Columbus, Ohio
Clyde Startzman, Medical College, Indianapolis, Ind.
Clarence Vassar, Freight Checker, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Louis Zerbee, Anchor Jack Co., Toledo, Ohio

page ninety-three
Harriett Bergschicker, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Juanita F. Bissell, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Lucretia Brown-Richard, Lufkata, Okla.
Mrs. Alleen Chapman-Inskeep, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Mary Davidson-Smith, Springfield, Ohio
Mary E. Donahue, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Burl Garwood-Parrett, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Margery A. Glasgow, Instructor in Music, Belle Center, Ohio
Gail B. Garbiel*, Bliss Business College, Columbus, Ohio (* probably Grabiel [rz])
Mrs. Gertrude Gray-Dugan, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mary E. Griffin, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Gladys Hall-Elliot, Ridgeway, Ohio
Henrietta Hare, Bookkeeper, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Helen H. Hoge, Cleveland Ohio
Katherine D. Kerr, Teacher, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Gladys Milligan, Westminster College, New Wilmington, Pa.
Carrie Lulu Mustaine, Nurse, Omaha, Neb.
Mrs. Elizabeth Patterson-Perrin, Spartenburg, South Carolina
Hermine Roberts, Bookkeeper, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Ella Schneider-Rapp, Toledo, Ohio
Nellie K. Shank, Milliner, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Catherine Shawver-Miksch, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Blanche Whitney, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Oscar Belser, Night Ticket Agent Big Four, Sidney, Ohio
Don L Bramble, Paper Factory, Detroit, Mich.
Quincy Campbell, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
Kenneth Cooke, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Harry Emery, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Donald M. Frazer, Clerk, Bellefontaine, Ohio
John W. Grabiel, Accountant, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Fred B. Hamilton, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
Alfred Havighurst, Canton Engraving and Electrotyping Co., Canton, Ohio
Parker Hill, Bookkeeper, Dayton, Ohio
Clyde C. Lynn, Principal High School, Ridgeway, Ohio
Merrill C. Mays, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mac C. Reed, Medical College, Kirksville, Mo.
Robert C. Ross, Y.M.C.A. Secretary, Sioux City, Iowa
Willard E. Sims, Teacher, Goshen, Ohio
Floyd Smith, Carpenter, Lake View, Ohio
William Smucker, Clerk, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Fred J. Wonders, Cincinnati Art Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio

Frances Bell, Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio
Martha Bumgardner, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Sarah Bower-McKoid, Detroit, Mich.
Marie Boyd, Teacher in Public Schools, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Pauline Broughton-Newhouse, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Jessie Collins, Zanesfield, Ohio
Mrs. Imogene Cooksey-Richarson, Eaet* Liberty, Ohio (* probably East [rz])
Mrs. Helen Cooper-Heminger, Lewiston, Ohio
Mrs. Inez Cordrey-Tanger, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Margery Cozier, Nurse, Grant Hospital, Columbus, Ohio
Catherine Donahue, Nurse, Miani Valley Hospital, Dayton, Ohio
Helen Horn, School Teacher, Hoopseton, Ill.
Juliet Mayer, Teacher, Girls Industrial School, Delaware, Ohio
May Miller, Deceased
Mabel Milroy, Wooster College, Wooster, Ohio
Faye McLean, Bookkeeper, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Harriet O'Donnell, Wooster College, Wooster, Ohio
Mary Smith, Milliner, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Catherine West, Wooster College, Wooster, Ohio
Mrs. Bertha Whitehill-Dodds, Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. Mate Worrell-Damez, Chicago, Ill.
Grover Adams, Farmer, Clinton, Ind.
Osmond Barton, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
Kenneth Blair, Bellefontaine, Ohio

page ninety-four

1911 continued
Glenn DeLaughder, Machinist, Pueblo, Colo.
Stanley Funk, Traveling Salesman, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Clarence Gregg, Overland Motor Works, Toledo, Ohio
David Kauffman, Clerk, Big Four Shops,
Ralph Kerr, Dental College, Cincinnati, Ohio
Willis Lane, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
Glen Leidigh, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
Arthur Linson, Photographer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
William Merrilees, Well Driver, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Willard Montgomery, Surveyor, Huntsville, Ohio
Robert Moore, Baker, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Frank Pettit, Draughtsman, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Harold Pool, Stenographer, Lima, Ohio
Frank Shirk, Assistant Mail Carrier, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Carl Stuber, Baker, Bellefontaine, Ohio

Ethel Baldwin, Kenton, Ohio
Laura Bergschicker-Wilcox, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Gertrude Cooke, Muskingum College, New Concord, Ohio
Helen Byrd, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Donna Detrick, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Margeret Dickinson, Dennison College, Granville, Ohio
Marjorie Gregg, Bookkeeper, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Alice Hartley, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Ethel Heath, Teacher in Public Schools, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Agnes Humphreys, Normal School, Athens, Ohio
Inez Jackson, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Carolyn Kinnan-Kerns, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Fallie Leidigh-Ginn, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mary MacMillen, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Ethel McWade-Dunlap, Bellefontaine, Ohio
May Patterson, Rockford College, Rockford, Ill.
Gladys Smith, Bookkeeper, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Edith Shoots, Teacher, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Clarabelle Starr, Teacher, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Leland Stillwell, Bellefontaine, Ohio
John Alexander, Bookkeeper, Lima, Ohio
Harold Bailey, O.N.U., Ada, Ohio
Fred Carr, Farmer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Edwin Colton, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio
Orrie Coston, Body Maker, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Cloice Edgington, Mail Carrier, Marion, Ohio
Gail Hamilton, Big Four Clerk, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Leland Lease, Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio
Gail McCleary, Monmouth College, Monmouth, Ill
Otis Rogers, O.S.U., Columbus, Ohio
Henry Shick, Farmer, Huntsville, Ohio
George Van Hyning, Farmer, East Librety*, Ohio (*probably liberty [rz])
Gus Zerbee, Bookkeeper, Toledo, Ohio
Al Zerbee, Salesman, Toledo, Ohio

Elizabeth Aiken, Muskingum College, New Concord, Ohio
Anna Beemer, Teacher, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Grace Brinser-Levan, Zanesfield, Ohio
Flonnie Carter, Stenographer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Annabel Cooke, Teacher, Huntsville, Ohio
Grace Cooke, Muskingum College, New Concord, Ohio
Helen Cooper, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Frances Cozier, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Alma Denny, Miami Valley Hospital, Dayton, Ohio
Dorothy Elliot, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Florence Epps, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Helen Evison, Stenographer, Schenectady, N.Y.
Isabel Floyd, Teacher, Huntsville, Ohio
Josephine Forsythe, Teacher, Huntsville, Ohio
Amelia Hurd, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Letha James, College, Bucyrus, Ohio
Maud Jones, Arcola, Ind.
Eva Lynn, Teacher, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mary McLean, Bookkeeper, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Florence McKinnon, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio
Edith Merrilees, Teacher in the Public Schools, Bellefontaine, Ohio

page ninety-five

Edna Mitchell, Teacher, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Frances Moore, Bookkeeper, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Dorothy Stough, Bookkeeper, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Alfred Campbell, O.S.U., Columbus, Ohio
Cecil Derr, Farmer, West Mansfield, Ohio
Forest Detrick, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio
Marion Duncan, Hiram College, Hiram, Ohio
Frank Griffin, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio
Charles Kauffman, State University, Ann Arbor, Mich.
Harold Huston, O.S.U., Columbus, Ohio
Dwight McKune, Bookkeeper, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Milton Mitchell, Farmer, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Harry Sibley, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Dwight Stewart, Clerk, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Homer Yates, Shoemaker, Bellefontaine, Ohio

Richard Abraham, Clerk, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Frederick Aiken, Northwood, Ohio
Gilbert Carter, Teacher, Iron City, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Prentiss Castle, Clerk, Springfield, Ohio
Chauncey Corbet, Farmer, Zanesfield, Ohio
John Duncan, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Thomas Goodfellow, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
Maurce Grabiel, O.S.U., Columbus, Ohio
Clark McElfresh, Machinist, Muskegon, Mich.
Paul Miller, Bookkeeper, Lima, Ohio
William Milligan, Clerk, Marysville, Ohio
Gail Pheneger, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Fred Royer, Musician, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Gail Sweitzer, Bliss Business College, New York City.
Glen Loehr, Machinist Helper, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Edward Jones, Business College, New York City.
Frances Longbrake, Oberlin Business College, Oberlin, Ohio
Ray Miller, Chauffeur, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Russell Poole, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Martha Aiken, Muskingum College, New Concord, Ohio
Elizabeth Cowman, Bellefontaine High School Secretary, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Agnes Ellis, Miami Hospital, Dayton, Ohio
Dorothy Fritz, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mary Gribble, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Gladys Hill, Bookkeeper, Columbus, Ohio
Elizabeth Johnson, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Nellie Jones, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Mrs. Sarah Merrilees-Page, Huntsville, Ohio
Iris Miller, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Garnet Outland, Miami Hospital, Dayton, Ohio
Hazel Pay, Teacher in Public Schools, East Liberty, Ohio
Helen Smith, Clerk, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Margaret West, Wooster University, Wooster, Ohio
Kate Yoder, Teacher, Bellefontaine, Ohio
Margaret Underwood, Bellefontaine, Ohio

The Class of 1915
Harold M. Orr -
Commercial Course
Mary Ella Young -
Classical Course
A. Lucille Howell -
Scientific Course
Fred E. Voges -
Scientific Course

Fred O. Seelig -
Classical Course
Lois M. Royer -
Elective Course
Margaret G. Barton -
Scientific Course
Donn F. Chamberlain -
Scientific Course

Lawrence P. Milligan -
Elective Course
E. Louise Allen -
Scientific Course
Audrey H. Faulder -
Elective Course
Max E. Wonders -
Scientific Course

John Paul Jones -
Commercial Course
Helen M. Moore -
Elective Course
Lola M. March -
Commercial Course
Herman S. Horn -
Scientific Course

Hugh N. Mohr -
Commercial Course
Cora M. Wren -
Commercial Course
Alma P. Roach -
Commercial Course
Stanley C. Rairdon -
Commercial Course

Robert W. Brown -
Elective Course
Mary R. Carney -
Classical Course
Dot A. Koons -
Commercial Course
J. Ross Phenegar -
Commercial Course

Glen A. Haldeman -
Scientific Course
Helen F. Coventry -
Commercial Course
Mary F. Sours -
Elective Course
Carl F. Allebaugh -
Elective Course
Will R. Underwood -
Scientific Course
Clorinda E. Hill -
Commercial Course
Mary E. Yoder -
Commercial Course
Frances L. Boyer -
Classical Course


R.J. Kiefer, Superintendent
Anna A. Price, Principal

Wm. F. West
American History
Christine Ortli
Guy Detrick

Earl S. Shuffleton
Isabella Bull
General History
Ernest Grabiel

Carrie A. Miller
N.V. Maxwell
Commercial Branches
Persis E. Durkee
Commercial Branches


The Argus 1915 is owned by Marj Underwood Brundage
Transcribed by Ron Zoz

Completed on 8 September 2002

1872 & 1887 Class Pictures added 9 November 2004